Yorba Linda High School Women's Soccer
Dedicated to the Mustang student-athletes who have taken their academic and soccer skills to the collegiate level. The hard work and determination of these student-athletes has laid the foundation for the program, which began in 2009 with only six female soccer players enrolled at the newly opened Yorba Linda High School.

If you are a Mustang soccer alumni who has either played or is currently playing in college and you are not listed here, please contact us. We would like to add you to this page as we remember the heritage that is Mustang's soccer. 
Class of 2021

Sterling Millsap
Yewon Shin
Haley Hogan
Paige Reddick
Emma Khamo
Kat Aguayo
Scheccid Hernandez

Class of 2020

Naleah Dunlap
Faith Hunt
Hannah Ireland
Alyssa Jamison
Miranda Dutton
Alyssa Larsen
Alyssa McBenttes
Lily Johnson
Darienne  Woods
Emily Nelson
Inga Tolbert
Stefanie Ball

Class of 2019

Alyssa Gaglia
Ashley Dart
Kacie Garrity
Katrina Ramirez

Class of 2018

Liz Geraghty
Emma Deane

Class of 2017

Kristen Garrity

Class of 2016

Taylor Asciak
Caitie Dolan
Jacquelyn Dunlap
Georgia Lodge
Brooke Morris
Savannah Sloniger
Halle Walls

Class of 2015

Dana Jacobs
Allie Jara
Devon Morones

Class of 2014

Brianna George
Gabi Lamb

Class of 2013

Taylor Chavez
Kristin Kleinow
Shelby Lanksbury
Emily Shleppey
Taryn Tanaka
Ashley Anaya-Webb

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